6-8 Qt Mirro Pressure Cooker Lid Gasket | Part # S-9892

pressure cooker gasketPart Number: Mirro & Maitres Pressure Cooker Gasket S-9892
Fits Models: M-0436, M-0498, M-0536, M-0596, M-0598, M-0646, M-1952, M-1956
(Includes models with -11, -35, etc. such as M-0536-11)
Product Description:
The S-9892 gasket seal is made for Mirro pressure cooker models -0296, M-0436, M-0498, M-0536, M-0596, M-0598, M-0646, M-1952, M-1956. Includes models with -11, -35, etc. such as M-0536-11.

Read instructions before replacing.

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Many reviewers mentioned that user manual suggests lubricating the gasket sealing ring prior to installation, for example, with vegetable oil.

How do I know if my pressure cooker gasket is no good?

You will notice that your pressure cooker is no longer holding pressure. Results in longer cook times.

How long does a pressure cooker gasket last for?

This depends on how often you use your pressure cooker. Many gaskets will have a long life as long as they are maintained properly after each use.

Is it worth buying extras?
Yes, and let us explain. This is a very inexpensive part. It can be difficult to find them on hand at a local store. We suggest having a backup in the event your gasket seal experiences failure and your product goes to waste.

pressure cooker gasket for Mirro S9892

6 & 8 QT Mirro Pressure Cooker Gasket for Sale

List Price: $14.99

Sale Price: $9.99

More Details

The secret to your pressure cooker gasket is in the rubber seal that helps the cooker maintain the pressure. Without this rubber gasket your pressure cooker gasket will make your pressure cooker useless.

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