How Old Is Too Old For Unused Canning Supplies

Canning Supplies Q & A – Which Canning Supplies Can I Use From Last Year?

Q. Which Canning Supplies Can I Use from Last Year?

A. You can safely use canning jars and bands year after year. However, always use new lids when home canning to get a proper seal.

Canning jars can be used again and again. You will want to inspect them before each use for any cracks or chips, especially around the rim of the jar. If you have any old canning jars that are colored do not use them for canning. They probably have lead in them because that is how they used to make the colored glass.

Canning bands or rings, as they are sometimes called, can also be used from season to season. You will want to make sure they have not been bent. Test each one to make sure it screws on to a canning jar properly and it will be good to use again this year.

Canning lids should never be reused for canning. You will always want to use brand new lids when doing your home canning. You can, however, use old used lids when dry-packing in jars that you use for vacuum sealing.

Reusing your canning supplies is a great way to save money. Saving money is one of the main benefits of preserving your own food. If you give some of your canned goods to family and friends for gives throughout the year, don’t be afraid to ask for the jars back when they are finished. They will certainly understand and they probably won’t use them anyway unless they do home canning themselves.

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