22 Quart Mirro Pressure Cooker & Canner

The 22 Quart Mirro Pressure cooker & Canner is designed to maintain a steady pressure and handle a variety of jars ranging from 30 half pint jars to 5 Quart jars.

It includes a saftey release plug, sure-locking lid system, side gasket pressure release which makes up the Triple Safe Design feature.

With an extra large capacity and heavy-duty rust proof polished aluminum design, this Mirro 22 Quart Pressure Cooker has gotten stellar reviews. Made by Mirro and the T-Fal Corporation, this 22 quart pressure cooker is backed by a 10 year limited warranty and includes a cooking or canning rack along with a user guide with some recipes.

Shipping Weight is 15 pounds and qualifies for Free Shipping Offers

Mirro 22 Quart Pressure Cooker & Canner Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 17x14x17; 14.5 pounds
  • Model Number: 92122A
  • 5, 10, 15 PSI Pressure Cooking Options
  • Reusable overpressure plug
  • Sure-locking lid systems is reusable
  • Side gasket for pressure release

Mirro 22 Quart Pressure Cooker & Canner Reviews

The reviews of the 22 quart Mirro pressure cooker are mixed. Although the majority of the reviews were positive there were some negative reviews that we didn’t want to ignore. So we’re going to tell you both the good and the bad with what we found out about this extra capacity 22 Quart Mirro Pressure Cooker.

Many of the reviewers are saying that this pressure cooker works great and that it’s been the best one they’ve ever used. A lot of people reviewing this product were also happy that the pressure cooker had the saftey features and sturdy design. Some reviewers also use multiple pressure cookers at the same time!

Other good reviews mentioned that you should always know your limitations with canners such as if you live above sea level or not. We liked the one reviewer that mentioned that they no longer felt like they were slave to their pressure cooker by having to stand there and watch a pressure gauge.

Now for the not so great reviews – a number of people stated that they did not like the design of the 22 Quart pressure cooker. That it was too big or not big enough to fit their jars. A number of reviewers also stated your efforts of pressure cooking can be wasted because they could not figure out if their food was sufficiently processed and safe to store.

One person even wrote that they were scared to use pressure cookers because they felt in general that they are not safe and can be fatal.

Although there are a lot of good reviews for the 22 qt Mirro Pressure Cooker there were quite a few negative reviews as well. There was more than one person that said they had concerns over their recent purchase, but then went on to say they had been through several different models. We did however find many experienced pressure cooker users who gave very honest and sincere reviews.


22 Qt Mirro Pressure Cooker Canner Aluminum for Sale

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Sale Price: $85.22

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The Mirro 22-quart pressure cooker can certainly be used for cooking extra-large batches of stews, soups and chili, but thanks to its extra-large capacity it really shines as a pressure canner. It can hold up to 16 pint jars, 14 wide mouth pint jars, 30 half pint jars, or 5 quart jars. Made of rust-proof, heavy-gauge aluminum, the cooker has a stay-cool, locking handle, and it features three knobs that hold the internal pressure at one of three options–5, 10, and 15 PSI. Mirro pressure cookers are designed with safety in mind, and its Triple Safe Design includes a safety release plug, sure-locking lid system, and side gasket pressure release. It comes with complete instructions and a recipe booklet.

Mirro 22-quart pressure cooker quickly and healthfully cooks foods with trapped steam at temperatures higher than boiling. It’s the ideal size for families. Pressure cooking requires little water so nutrients, flavor, and color are not boiled away. Made of rust-proof, heavy-gauge aluminum, the cooker has a stay-cool, locking handle. Mirro pressure cookers are designed with safety in mind. This one features the “Triple Safe Design” with a safety release plug, sure-locking lid system, and side gasket pressure release.


  • 22-quart pressure cooker/canner constructed from rustproof heavy-gauge aluminum; holds 16 pint jars or 5 quart jars
  • Maintains steady pressure with 3 cooking-pressure options–5, 10, and 15 PSI
  • Reusable overpressure plug, sure-locking lid system, and side gasket pressure release
  • Cooking/canning rack and user guide with recipes included
  • Hand washing recommended; 10-year limited warranty

If you don’t mind paying a low price for what could be considered a cheap pressure cooker you can take your chances with an off brand or made with thinner grade aluminum. But we caution you to always think with safety first when pressure cooking and canning. Our recommendation is to find a higher quality cooker/canner that doesn’t have the potential for issues.

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