Mirro Pressure Regulator | Part # S-9898

Mirro Replacment Pressure Regulator Control

The Mirro Pressure Cooker Replacement Pressure Regulator, part number S-9898, allows you to regulate the pressure inside your pressure cooker. This special feature allows your pressure cooker to be multi-functional.

The pressure regulator is normally the only way that steam can be released from your lid. The Mirro Pressure Regulator features 3 different settings, 5 psi, 10 psi, or 15 psi. Where you set the pressure settings depends partly on the food that you are cooking.

Over time however, the pressure regulator will begin to fail. Like any safety feature on your pressure cooker, you should inspect them before each use in order to prevent serious injuries.

Mirro S-9898 Pressure Regulator Reviews

As we conducted research online we found several good reviews of this Mirro replacement part. Many users have had to replace the regulator due to normal wear and tear. One user was stated that the trick to this was making sure that you select the right one.

Without the safety regulator your pressure cooker will not work. Another reviewer mentioned that they were surprised to find this small part online because they thought for sure they would have to buy a new pressure cooker.

At this time, the only way to determine if you need the Mirro S-9898 pressure regulator is if your pressure cooker is not maintaining a consistent pressure. The good news is that this part is relatively inexpensive and is recommended that you have a backup on hand.

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