4 Qt Mirro Pressure Cooker Lid Gasket | Part # S-9890

S-9890 Mirro Replacement Gasket Seal

Part Number: S-9890
Fits Models: M-0292, M-0294, M-0494, M-0592, M-0594
(Includes models with -11, -35, etc. such as M-0592-11)

Product Description:
The S-9890 gasket seal is made for Mirro pressure cooker models -0294, M-0494, M-0592, M-0594. Includes models with -11, -35, etc. such as M-0592-11.

Read the instructions before replacing.

Price the S-9890 gasket seal replacement ring at: http://www.mirropressurecookers.com/s9890

Many reviewers mentioned that user manual suggests lubricating the gasket sealing ring prior to installation, for example, with vegetable oil.

How do I know if my pressure cooker gasket is no good?
You will notice that your pressure cooker is no longer holding pressure. Results in longer cook times.

How long does a pressure cooker gasket last for?
This depends on how often you use your pressure cooker. Many gaskets will have a long life as long as they are maintained properly after each use.

Is it worth buying extras?
Yes, and let us explain. This is a very inexpensive part. It can be difficult to find them on hand at a local store. We suggest having a backup in the event your gasket seal experiences failure and your product goes to waste.


4Qt Mirro Pressure Cooker Gasket Part # S-9890 for Sale
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Sale Price: $8.99
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S-9890 pressure cooker gasket seal. Fits Mirro pressure cooker models M-0292, M-0294, M-0494, M-0592, M-0594. M-0594-10.


  • Fits M-0292, M-0294, M-0494, M-0592, M-0594.
  • Includes models with -11, -35, etc. such as M-0592-11.
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