2 & 4 Qt Universal Pressure Gasket Seal Ring

universal pressure gasketPart Number: Universal Pressure Gasket Fits 2 & 4 Qt Mirro
Fits Mirro Pressure Cooker Models: 92040, 92041 + Maitres pressure Cookers

Price: Lowest Price Available at Amazon.com

New universal replacement gasket seal for 2 & 4 quart Mirro pressure cookers. This gaskets replaces the Mirro 98501. Also fits Maitres 6 and 8 quart Pressure Cookers. Replaces Mirro 98500 and Maitres 59359 & 594590.

Universal Pressure Gasket Reviews:

As we have searched online looking for folks that have experienced the same problem as you we came across a mixed set of reviews. Some reviewers mentioned the part number was stamped on the original gasket or seal while others had to cross reference between the model number of their pressure cooker.

When you don’t see many reviews for products it leads us to believe that it is a good quality gasket. Some of the negative reviews implied that the gasket was not as thick or the exact right size for their pressure cooker.

Unfortunately there is no way to revive your old pressure seal gasket and the universal gasket may not fit your pressure cooker perfectly. But then again you may find that this one fits better.

You’ll immediately know if this universal gasket will work or not because of how it fits first and then by testing your pressure cooker to see if it holds pressure.

In the end, you need to either replace your gasket seal with a new one or upgrade and buy a new pressure cooker. We suggest taking the inexpensive route first always but educate yourself on the return/exchange policies which are fairly lenient.

Universal Pressure Gasket Installation

Read the instructions before replacing. Many reviewers mentioned that user manual suggests lubricating the gasket sealing ring prior to installation, for example, with vegetable oil.

Pressure Cooker Gasket & Seal General Questions

How do I know if my pressure cooker gasket is no good?
You will notice that your pressure cooker is no longer holding pressure. Results in longer cook times.

How long does a pressure cooker gasket last for?
This depends on how often you use your pressure cooker. Many gaskets will have a long life as long as they are maintained properly after each use.

universal pressure gasket for mirro

Universal Pressure Gasket for Mirro & Maitres Cookers for Sale

List Price: $9.99

Sale Price: $7.99

More Details
Is it worth buying extras?
Yes, and let us explain. This is a very inexpensive universal pressure gasket part. It can be difficult to find them on hand at a local store. We suggest having a backup in the event your universal pressure gasket seal experiences failure and your product goes to waste.

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